#15 The 10 Best Films of 2016

January 20, 2017

The title is self explanatory. Let’s see how this tumultuous political year stacks up with screen art. Blockbusters and sequels took a turn of the worse but musicals, documentaries and animated pictures came back swinging. Luke is joining us from a remote location and we have tons of extras for you at the top and tail end of the show. Stay warm everybody!


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January’s Bonus Episode: Silence







Oscar: @Armenfilmmaker

Ralf: @GamerRalf

Luke: @BlindNoir


The Order: Ralf, Oscar, Luke


Show Notes

00:00:00 INTRO

00:04:10 2016 In A Nutshell

00:10:38 #10 through #6

00:41:18 #5 through #1

01:35:27 Honorable Mentions

01:38:14 Disappointments

01:46:34 Missed Opportunities

01:50:42 2016 Villains

01:53:00 EXIT


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