#16 Top 10 Discoveries In 2016

January 27, 2017

This final Best Of list for 2016. We promise. This time, it’s an original top ten list. We cover ground on any type of art (music, comics, movies, painters etc.) that we discovered of the past year. The twist is that the piece of art or artist must be from any year previous to 2016; that way, we won’t focus on only current events and opens up a way to talk about great stuff from history. We do hope you enjoy this Top Ten opus of ours. We’ll be taking an extra week off but we’ll be back to cover films very soon!


Next Time: Oscar Talk and two reviews.


January’s Bonus Episode: Silence







Oscar: @Armenfilmmaker

Ralf: @GamerRalf

Luke: @BlindNoir


Show Notes

00:00:00 INTRO

00:03:20 What is Discoveries List?

00:07:33 #10 to #6

00:42:31 #5 to #1

01:27:08 Honorable Mentions

01:32:45 EXIT


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