#36 The Big Sick, Ingrid Goes West, Thor: Ragnarok

November 12, 2017

#36 The Big Sick, Ingrid Goes West, Thor: Ragnarok

We have a trio of films and their relationships. One is classic: it is the beginnings of a true life love story between a Pakistani comedian and an American student. The next one is more modern and disturbing. It’s a relationship between an internet stalker and an Instagram model. The final relationship used to be between a boy and his toy hammer but evolves to his adoptive brother and finally, to his home.



Next Time: Justice League, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Good Time


November’s Bonus Episode: Murder On The Orient Express







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Show Notes

00:00:00 INTRO

00:03:01 Recent Titles

Luke: Gaga: Five Foot Two, A Silent Voice

Oscar: Wheelman, Rough Night, Girls Trip

00:12:20 The Big Sick

00:24:54 spoilers

00:40:20 Ingrid Goes West

00:52:43 spoilers

01:11:51 Thor: Ragnarok

01:27:22 spoilers

01:43:30 EXIT