#31 Okja, Logan Lucky, Wind River

September 1, 2017

From South Korea to North Carolina and ending up in an Indian Reservation, the boys discuss three very different films. The first is a multi-lingual adventure filled with friendships, animal rights, corporate restructuring and a superpig. The second is a whimsical and southern and entertaining heist flick by the venerable and never-retired Steven Soderbergh. Last and certainly not least, we travel to Wyoming to deal with the harsh cold and the two people tasked with solving a murder.


Next Time: Alien: Covenant, Inhumans, It


September’s Bonus Episode: mother!







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Show Notes

00:00:00 INTRO
00:03:02 Recent Viewings

00:20:48 Okja

00:37:51 spoilers

01:04:20 Logan Lucky

01:11:05 spoilers

01:33:07 Wind River

01:48:09 spoilers

02:03:47 EXIT