#32 Colossal, Alien: Covenant, It

September 16, 2017

#32 Colossal, Alien: Covenant, It

We go from playgrounds, to space, ending up at the sewers. We begin with a film wrapped in anguish over not going somewhere in life with a giant monster twist in Colossal. Alien: Covenant proves a lack of visual imagination and detail but may carry a nice momentum in the world of Alien from its predecessor; Prometheus. Finally, a remake audiences love to watch is It; the horror money-maker of the year with a lot of scares within its two hours.


Next Time: The Beguiled, What Happened To Monday, Kingsman: The Golden Circle


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Show Notes

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00:13:48 Colossal

00:27:42 spoilers

00:42:50 Alien: Covenant

00:59:16 spoilers

01:14:13 It

01:38: 24 spoilers

01:55:09 EXIT