#46 Tomb Raider, Roxanne Roxanne, Seven Samurai

April 1, 2018

#46 Tomb Raider, Roxanne Roxanne, Seven Samurai

We’re back in full swing! As we talk about the overall bland but not boring Tom Raider, we gear up with one of the many Netflix originals and the start of our newest marathon. We talk about the impressionistic life of Roxanne Shante up to the age of 17. We will be concluding the show with the first of nine films in our marathon; Seven Samurai. It’s going to be a doozy and expect lots of discussion. 


Next Time: Ready Player One, I Kill Giants, It Happened One Night


April’s Bonus Episode: Isle of Dogs






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Show Notes

00:00:00 Announcements

00:08:57 Recent Discoveries

01:10:15 Tomb Raider

01:20:31 spoilers

01:36:07 Roxanne Roxanne

02:04:34 spoilers

02:26:39 Seven Samurai

02:56:08 spoilers

03:21:22 EXIT